Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Bachelor in Hospitality Management

Our four-year full-time degree programme includes two paid internships and provides you with transferable skills in hospitality leadership, management, strategy and operations. The BSc degree in hospitality management follows the principals of the traditional Swiss dual approach to education by combining first class theoretical and practical modules.

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SHL enthusiastic hoteliers

SHL Summer Academy

Join students from around the world at the SHL Summer Academy to explore the pulse of hospitality. During the interactive, educational and fun one-week programme, you will gain a short, but extensive glimpse into the hospitality industry, learn more about hospitality careers, discover world-renowned Lucerne and meet lots of great people.

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SHL more than 100 years history

About SHL

SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern is one of the two original Hotel Management Schools in Switzerland. Owned by the Hotel and Gastro foundation, SHL has been paving the way for the renowned Swiss dual education system, teaching first-class practical and academic hospitality management skills since 1909.

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SHL Campus Students on the terrace

Study in Lucerne

With its central location, Lucerne is at the heart of everything. Switzerland’s city of Festivals’ has a year-round programme of music and cultural events. Everything is on your doorstep with all the must-see sights of Europe within easy reach too. There are lots of opportunities to enjoy sports, night life and excursions while you’re here, and you’ll also be able to experience the high quality of life that Switzerland is famous for.

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SHL Campus and the restaurant run by our students

SHL Campus

The SHL Campus is made up of the Lakeview Campus, the City Campus and Hotel SHL, our student accommodation. Our Campus offers you an original Swiss hotel management school experience in an environment where heritage meets the needs of modern-day students.

Behind the scenes

SHL Student seized the opportunity

Our Student Body

Our +1’000 enrolled students, of which +250 students from 30 countries are on campus, create the unique SHL spirit, ensuring you an unforgettable student experience.

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SHL nurturing talents for over 100 years

Nurturing Talents

We consider SHL students as individual talents who deserve the opportunity to develop at their own pace and grow as persons and future hospitality leaders. One of our primary purposes is to aid and support our students on a highly personalised level.

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Connect with our students

Connect with our Students

SHL has always led the way in student diversity. Back in the 1920s, we had a truly international student body, welcoming students from Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, England, the US and South America. One hundred years later, you could put yourself at the centre of this global pool of talent by studying here. Learn more about the SHL experience from our students themselves.

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SHL Alumni network one of the most active and respected professional networks in the world

SHL Alumni

To succeed in your chosen career, your ‘black book’ of contacts can make a crucial difference. Come to SHL and you’ll be part of a network of 10,000 alumni, one of the most active and respected professional networks in the industry. In fact, for four years in a row, Switzerland’s Hotelier of the Year launched their careers at SHL.

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We welcome you to explore the SHL Lakeview Campus

Meet SHL around the World

One of the best ways to understand the edge that SHL can give you is by meeting us. Throughout the year, we regularly host events and information sessions around the world. You’re also always invited to our next Willkommen@SHL event or you can arrange an individual meeting with us here in Lucerne or online. Immerse yourself in the SHL world: explore the campus, talk to our lecturers and students, and find out more about the admissions process. Oh, and make sure to enjoy the delicious food, prepared and served by our F&B semester students.

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How to apply for SHL Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

How to apply 

SHL has a 3-step rolling application process for our two annual intakes. Our application deadlines are:

September: Visa candidates: May 31st
Non-visa candidates: July 31st

February: Visa candidates: October 31st
Non-visa candidates: December 31st

You should take into account that the visa application process can take up to three months.

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Find out if you are eligible to transfer at SHL

Admission for Transfer Students

SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern welcomes transfer students from other hospitality management schools, universities and other tertiary institutions. Our transfer students share our students’ passion for service and hospitality and exhibit the same characteristics of our current student body: a love of learning and the academic qualifications, an enthusiastic personality and a willingness to devote themselves to the student body and the school.

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SHL supports outstanding Bachelor candidates with SHL Inspire Scholarship

SHL Inspire Scholarship

SHL Inspire Scholarship is designed to support outstanding Bachelor candidates in their pursuit to become part of the next generation of hospitality leaders. We aim for those enthusiastic hoteliers with an outstanding passion and fascination for hospitality industry.

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