Who We Are

SHL Key Activities

SHL’s Activity Areas

SHL is governed by the non-profit Hotel and Gastro foundation. The schools’ three activity areas are:

  • Hospitality and Hotel Management education

  • Educational and hospitality industry training projects internationally with 30 international projects in 25 countries annually

  • Business Area with wide range of consulting and training services in Switzerland and worldwide with 40 projects and clients in consulting and training services

SHL by Numbers

SHL in Numbers

As an original Swiss hotel management school, SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern is a place of learning, professional training and application of knowledge. From humble beginnings to where we are today, here are the latest Facts and Figures about SHL:

  • 250 students on campus, 750 students on internships 
  • 1’000 enrolled students from 30 countries, 54% female / 47% male
  • 10’000 alumni worldwide
  • 1’200 industry partners globally
  • 200 top companies visit the SHL campus annually
  • 4.2 internship offers per student per Internship
  • 84% of graduates enter the industry in management positions

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SHL more than 100 years of history

Our Heritage

In 1886 our founding organization, Union Helvetia, realized the need for a hotel education as tourism was booming in Switzerland. SHL was founded to teach students how to deliver impeccable service and to equip future employees with the skills needed for a rewarding, lifelong career in the hospitality industry. For over 100 years, SHL has continued to teach new generations of students the fine art of Swiss hospitality and management.

Curious how it started in 1909?