Alumni Stories

SHL Alumna Aline Tschaeppaet

Pulling the strings behind the scenes

“The world is my home”, says Aline Tschaeppaet who’s been living and working in Switzerland, United Kingdom, China, Germany, Thailand and United Arab Emirates. As a Senior Manager Design at Melco Resorts and Entertainment in Macao SAR, a very varied position as Aline confirms: “No day is like the other!”  And what does she appreciate when changing the perspective and entering a hotel as a guest? Employee friendliness, honesty and smart design.

SHL Alumnus Dany Luetzel

Working among Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol & Co.

Dany had a precise dream: «It had been clear to me that I wanted to be a hotel manager at the age of 30.» He pursued his goal and took over his first General Manager position in the Radisson Blu Hotel St. Gallen, Switzerland, at the age of… 30. In 2014, Dany headed to China, where he ran the Kempinski Hotel in Chongqing City, before taking over the unique Hotel Éclat Beijing, a five-star boutique hotel that offers a rare opportunity to experience museum quality art while enjoying stylish accommodation.

SHL Alumnus Jörg Meile

Le savoir vivre

Jörg, who was born in Peru and lived in several South American countries is now at home in romantic Paris. After graduating from SHL in 1992, Jörg quickly gained a foothold in the international hotel chain business. However, he prefers to be a guest in small, privately run hotels. It is there, in unique surroundings and at home, that the General Manager recovers from his lively everyday life. "Cooking together with my wife is pure relaxation for me," says Jörg. Preferably with fresh, local products from the market. And, of course, French white wine and cheese are also a must. Bon appetit!